Why is ram overclocking?

hi, ive been trying to overclock a pentium 4 520 2.8ghz (waiting on q6600 delivery) the rated fsb in bios is 200 but when i increase this my ram seems to overclock to but from my understanding it shouldnt the ram is ocz ddr2 800mhz 4x1gb sticks so from my understanding i should be able to increase cpu fsb upto 400 before the ram should overclock right? but if i increase fsb to 205 the ram moves to 820mhz is this right or can i somehow stop it?

thanks very much.
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  1. Somewhere in your memory settings in bios it'll be linked to your cpu speed, its probably on auto so change it to whatever speed you do require,
    if that doesnt help, post mobo and bios specs, maybe someone cleverer than me might chip in :)
  2. Both your CPU and yoru memory use multipliers based on Front Side Buss speed.

    Therefore when you increase the FSB to overclock your Processor, it takes the memory along for the ride.

    UNDERCLOCK your memory by turning the memory multi down. Then you will have headroom to work on your processor.
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