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Hey Everyone,

Just got my AMD X3 425 to overclock just over 3.2Ghz from the stock 2.7Ghz. (I know, it's rather modest). I just messed with the multipliers and the FSB, no changes in voltage.

My question is this. I ran OCCT for an hour on it, and it was stable, with a max temp of 46C. Idle, it holds at about 27C. Are these temps OK when considering the life of the CPU? I know they are under that 55C-60C limit, but will the higher idle temp and somewhat higher load temp shorten the life of the cpu? I have the artic cooling freezer 64 fan on it. Should I have that running at full speed all the time, or let the bios control the speed?

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  1. 1 Hour isn't enough to call it stable, give it a good 12 hours.

    As for your temps, there absolutely fine, You will have almost certainly upgraded your CPU by the time your CPU decides its had enough. It should last atleast 5+ years.

    If the Fan at 100% is to loud for you or if its just not needed to keep your CPU cool then you might aswell let the BIOS decide when its time to crank up the speed.
  2. Those are the same temps I get with my 620. I also have the voltage adjusted to 1.45 to maintain a clock speed of 3.51 ghz.
  3. You didn't increase voltage, shouldn't affect the life of your cpu by any measureable amount. The cpu should still be working long after it is considered obsolete. Your temps are also fine.
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