SSC - Spread spectrum: useful or not ?

I have two hard drive western digital that have the SSC jumpers, when I read about this feature called Spread spectrum I did not sure if it can help protect my HD as I recently get my previous HD dead suddenly !! also does this will degrade performance ?

please advise

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  1. any one ?
  2. Spread Spectrum is generally a emmissions noise reduction used in computer systems. It attempts to reduce the electronic emmissions which a system produces that can interfer with other devices in the immediate area. This would include cellphones, over the air radio transmissions (tv) etc. This feature is generally a bios option in your mother board. There is some minimal peformance drop enabling this but it does allow you to use your phone when your close to the system and remove some of the fuzz seen on the tv before it went from analog to digital. As I remember the implimentation on a hard drive was an attempt to provide cleaner power thus reducing resistance from electromagnetic emmissions and therefore possibly more reliable, it came out so long ago it's hard to remember. On some systems it may be on without the user knowing in order for the system to meet federal emmission standards for class B equipment (home use) as compared with business use originally only requiring class A.
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