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Ok, I'm kind of new to overclocking and I just have a few questions about it that no one I have talked to could answer. If I wanted to overclock to play more hard core games while streaming and what not, would it be better to overclock the gpu or the cpu? What would be some good software to overclock the gpu? How is overclocking your gpu different than your cpu? When overclocking your cpu what do you up and by how much, like mhz, voltage etc...? Is over clocking for either the cpu or gpu bad for the computer, and I've read that it is bad to do in the OS and should do it through the BIOS?

My system is:
Asus M4N78 Pro mobo
Geforce 9800 GT gpu
AMD Penom II X4 2.8ghz
4GB OCZ DDR2 ram
450w psu
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  1. Since no one has responded, I'll try to help, but I am also very new to all of this. IF I AM WRONG, SOMEONE PLEASE CORRECT ME.

    I believe the cpu is most important, even in games. So you would probably want to overclock that first. Although you can overclock both the gpu and cpu for even more performance increase.

    I am not familiar with nvidia cards, as I have an ATI card, but doing a little searching I found a program called Rivatuner, google it.

    Overclocking your gpu vs cpu... well overclocking the gpu you will only see an increase in graphics performance. The cpu will giving you increased performance overall.

    I recommend doing as much research as you can in overclocking your cpu. There is a lot of info if you just search a little bit, especially for your cpu. (Not to offend) but it seems that you have very little knowledge of it (as I did several weeks ago) but just read up for a few days/weeks. That will teach you a lot more than what I could type here.

    Overclocking is not bad, its the heat that is created that is bad (or voltage if you up it to much). And yes, use the BIOS to overclock, not software from your OS.
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