My sony vaio is not playing dvd

can any one help me
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  1. Does it have a DVD player?
    -if not, that's the problem

    Does it play other DVDs?
    -if yes, try cleaning the disc with a few drops of water and a soft cloth. If no, see my reply in this thread.

    What media player are you using?
    -not all media players can play DVDs. Try downloading and using VLC media player.
  2. yeah mate but it is playing some dvd but some not thats the pproblem
  3. Then you likely have problem #2 listed above. Some discs that are scratched or smudged don't read well. In addition, some DVD drives don't read discs as well as others.

    You should try cleaning the discs. If that doesn't help, you may want to look at getting a new DVD drive.
  4. i hane win dvd player as well as vlc but sometime it says plz insert disc but disc is already there
  5. but mate my hp is playing all of them
  6. As I said, some DVD drives don't play discs as well as others. If the disc isn't scratched or smudged, it's the drive.
  7. i have problem with the vaio laptop sound but when i insert the headphone i can hear the music but the speakers are not working
  8. start-->control panel-->system-->device manager-->are there any conflicts (yellow !)?
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