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I am sure this has been answered before but I can't seem to find a solid answer.

I am thinking about using a RAID 0 setup for my OS on my next build and instead of buying two nice drives, what if I went with three or even four cheaper drives. I know adding drives is supposed to increase performance, but is there diminishing returns when doing this?

Also can I rely on the motherboards RAID controller or would I need to get an external card?

This build will be used for a bit of gaming and as a mid level development server
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  1. The more drives you put in RAID 0, the greater your risk of failure - any drive failure & you lose data on the entire array. For gaming, maybe that's not an issue - for development, is your data in a different location?

    I'd stick with 2 nicer drives, or an SSD, plus frequent backup.
  2. SSD for the OS

    Raid 0 if necessary for development.

    Raid 1 or NAS for backups
  3. raid 1 isn't backup, it's just a bit more redundant - external storage is best for backup (of course, if it was on a NAS it could be raid 1)
  4. From what I've read, you might consider WD's RE drives. I've heard that you shouldn't have any problems with a drive dropping out of the RAID do to the drive timing out. They cast a bit more, but if you data is safe...... that's the whole point.
  5. I just installed 2 Samsung Spinpoint F3 500 gig HDs in raid 0 config in my second rig in my signature. I created a 250 gig first partition for the OS and games and another partition for data. It's fast! Got both delivered for $89!
  6. 1 week later and the raid is running very well. I downloaded AMD's Raid Expert. Nice to look at status of the HDDs
  7. Nice, I like the Samsung drives and may try some in my NAS. Will only buy SSDs from now on for any other computer in my house.
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