Maximizing i7 930 and DDR3 2000 Ram

Component Specs:
-Processor: Intel i7 Bloomfield 930 (2.8ghz)
-Memory: G.Skill Trident (2 x 2gb) DDR3 2000
-Mobo: ASUS P6X58D Preimum
-PSU: Corsair 750TX, 750W ATX12v
-Case: NZXT Tempest EVO
-Heatsync: Noctua NH-U12P SE 2 Ultra

So, this will be my second build and my first overclock. From what I've read, the 930 only supports up to 1600 DDR3 ram unless you over clock it. Then, and only then, will it run ram at 2000mhz.

(1) Is that correct?

(2) If so, will such a overclocking break down be included in any general OC guide to the 930?

(3) Finally, given the above, is there anything else unique about overclocking this group of components - or shall I just have at it? :heink:

Thank you guys,

PS - (4) Least importantly, what do you guys think of that build? :D
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    The 1st thing is the X58 chipset that all 9XX i7s run on is you need 3 sticks of RAM. As for the other questions
    1 Yes, I think 2000MHz RAM is not supported as a stock setting on anything
    2 As with any system set the speed in the Bios (instructions should be with the Mobo)
    3 not really as with any multiplier locked system increase the frequency in small increments and increase the voltage if it becomes unstable. Keep stess testing to check stability and stop increasing anything when the voltage or temps are 2 high. (this is an over simplified guide)
    4 looks very high end I am not familiar with the case or cooler.
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