How to use two routers and a static ip with internet camera

Hi there.

I have a small restaurant that has free wifi for the customers. Recently i purchased an internet camera that can be controlled over the internet from my house so i can see what is going on after hours and such. But i had to get a static IP address from my dsl provider to use this feature. After getting off the phone with him and setting it up, i learned that my static IP address can only be used by 1 source and that i would have to hook up another router to what i have now.

I have an actiontec modem and router combo in 1. I also have a linksys router. Both are wireless. He said i was supposed to set the linksys router with my one static Ip address, then forward some ports, and then i could have public ip's for the customers and other pcs here. But i cannot find a tutorial on the internet on how to do it. Anyone know how?
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  1. What models are your routers? What ports did the ISP dude want you to forward?
  2. i figured it out after being bounced around by 3 different companies. When it changed to the static ip, it disabled the built in router of the actiontec modem. They didn't tell us it would do that, hence me thinking router to router. I got everything working except using the internet camera out of network on a vista computer.
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