Booting into Windows, but screen is black.

Hey im a first time overclocker here. Ive been trying to overclock my Core 2 Duo E6600, but im hitting a wall. I can get it to about 2.85 ghz, but when i try to go any higher i have a problem.

My video card fails to output anything to my monitor, but Windows still boots. I can hear the welcome screen sound and can successfully log in (blindly).

My pcie bus is set to 100 in the bios, and i have a 850 watt psu. The video card is a EVGA 9800gt and, the fan on the video card still spins if that matters.

All is fine when i reset my bios settings, and i can overclock again right up to the 2.85ghz point, but not past it. Anyways, I apologize in advance for info I most likely left out.
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  1. What speed is your RAM? Make sure the setting you have it set for has the overclocked FSB taken into account. Some boards will show the resultant memory speed once you change the FSB, but some just say "400mhz" "533mhz" etc.
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