Formating your USB stick?

so i got a 16gb centon datastick pro for my 360. The 360 requires you to format the dumb thing for it to work with it (really MS? it cant be plug and play like the friggin PS3? YOUR the computer company) I formatted the whole thing for it and got a message saying i may have performance issues. I wanted to try formating only about 8 or 10 gigs of the stick to use some for my computer, and see if a smaller size will work better, but im not sure the best way to wipe it.

I noticed after the xbox format when i put it on my pc it no longer says the brand and that kinda info. It just shows a regular drive. Should i format it on my computer for fat32? will that cause any problems with it repartitioning on my 360 again, or any problems with the actual stick? Im not too familiar with usb flash sticks so im not sure if a regular fat32 format will screw anything up with them

i was planning on just doing a fat 32 quick format on the computer, is that the best bet and will it cause any problems?
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  1. The thing is not working now anyway. So what's the harm in experimenting and trying out other methods hoping that one might work?
  2. Why are you bashing MS, While I'm not of lover of MS - this is not MS fault.

    The format type on a new thumb drive is the responsibility of the Vender, not MS. And the Venders do not know the usage for the drive so they go with the majority - use with a computer generally =s Fat32.

    Of the 3 formats, Fat, Fat 32 and NTFS - You determine what you need and are responsible to change from the standard Fat32 most drives ship with. You must use NTFS if any of the files to be stored are greater than 4 Gigs.
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