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I just built a new pc. The first time I pressed the power button it booted right up, I installed Vista, but when I reboot the machine it can't turn back on right away. I'll press the power button and it will light up and turn on for half a second and turn off again, I can't even get into bios or anything. I'll keep pressing the button and it will turn on and off and on and off until finally it will decide to stay on.

If it is on for more than a second it will stay on till I turn it off. I'm running a core i7 920 and all 4 cores are idling at around 37ish C. So it doesn't seem to be a heat issue. Does anyone know why my computer refuses to turn on after I shut it down?

Update: If i unplug the PSU from the wall and turn the PSU off, then wait like 5-10 minutes and plug it back in it boots up fine. But again after I shut it down it wont turn right back on again.

Any help is appreciated
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  1. You may want to check the seating of the CPU and make sure you have a good seal of thermal paste. The only factor that should change in that time of waiting is heat. Your sensor could be reading a temp away from the CPU.
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