How do I overclock my alienware m11x (problems)?

I went into bios and chose "enebled" under overclocking/advanced. but then after I save and try to boot my pc, it comes up with a blue screen and comes to the screen to star up normally or in safe mode or w/e (which both don't help). my only option is to go back into bios and switch back to disabled.

then everything boots perfectly.

is there something I'm doing wrong? everyone else online and youtube just do this and it works for them perfectly.

Additional Details:
there are no specific options for how high you want it to overclock. just disabled/enabled
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  1. Sounds like its a safety lock rather than an actual modifier, once you select enabled, are there more menu's for you to choose from? if you post mobo,proc etc specs, I'm sure someone clever will wander through here soon enough :)
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