Update Bios Question for EVGA x58 A1 board

I was in constant contact with EVGA. I followed the directions on EVGA's website.

1. download the newest bios sz27 image onto a CD using nero (burning software). <done>
2. Go into bios and load defaults and save and exit. <done>
3. Set the CD drive as primary boot device <done, i think> I set it as first boot
4. I restarted and didnt do anything (left the CD in tray)
5. I saw boot from cd and something about update
6. It loaded to Windows vista. I took out the CD with the bios update and shut down computer.
7. Waited a few seconds and then turned on computer. Went to BIOS to put HDD as boot and it loaded back to Vista. Don;t know what to expect but it seemed like everything is fine
8. I restarted and noticed on initial boot, it was showing SZ22 but the image with the new BIOS is SZ27. So it didn't update? What did I do wrong? Was I suppose to burn each bios and do it one by one or does the latest bios have all the previous updates?

For example, it said SZ22, was I suppose to burn SZ23 on a disk and do the above instructions; then do SZ24, and repeat all the way to SZ27?

Here's the link on EVGA showing the instructions:


Any help would be appreciated because I also have to tackle the issue of this board showing my RAM as 1066 when in fact, I have 6GB 1600
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  1. Hi

    Flash with floppy or USB. You can follow my instrucions below for flashing with the Award tool.

    Flashing by USB stick, see link below. EVGA has a tool for creating a bootable USB stick but it looks complicated, much easier with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, see other link below (MS_DOS Bootable System Files incl).




    AWARD BIOS Utility:
    Format to FAT or FAT32

    1. Make bootable floppy. You can do this in the formatting window or download DRD Flash which I use.

    2. After making bootable floppy, copy ROM & Awdflash to disk.

    3. Reboot into the bios and make sure removable drive is 1st, not CD or HDD. Also restore setup defaults. If you are running 4Gb of ram it would probably be a good idea to reduce ram to 1 or 2Gb. After flash, setup will restore DRAM voltage to default 1.8v which may not be able to power multiple sticks depending on what type of ram you have.

    4. Reboot to floopy and when you get the A:\ prompt, type Awdflash.exe or Awdflash, whichever works. Inside the Award tool just follow the instructions, you will have to enter the correct path to the ROM as well.

    5. After flashing let it do a full reboot. Now shut down the computer (PSU switch) and unplug it. Pull the battery and discharge the motherboard by holding in power button while touching chasis for approx 30 sec.

    6. Re-install battery and post. Now set your mem voltage (mandatory) & timing (optional) in bios to manufactures specs.

    7. Shut the computer back down and add your remaining mem sticks.
  2. Yikes. On EVGA's website, burn the image onto a disc seems so much easier.
  3. Hi mikeny,

    The two methods I mentioned above are much safer. But before you do any more flashing pull the CMOS battery and discharge the MB (See my first post). But I must say this, at least you had sense enough to restore setup defaults before flashing, good job.
  4. Hiya starams5,

    Thanx! I was following EVGA's instructions. My board is s22, was i suppose to do download the image one by one or does the new bios s27 have all the previous downloads.
  5. I knew you would get it, take care.
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