Lg hxd2 500 gb external hard disk drive

i'm using this device before and it's working..i plugged it for one week without ejecting,suddenly, my computer didn't detect the device anymore..i don't know what happen,i unplugged it and connect again,but my computer can't detect the device anymore, i also tried to other computers but it has same prob..how can i fix this problem..pls. help me..i have saved my important files on it...
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  1. First off, go to your Disk Management (Right Click My Computer --> Manage, browse to disk management) and look to see what drives show up. You should see your internal hard drives as well as your internal cd/dvd drives. However, do you see your external drive. If you don't then your system isn't picking up on it at all.

    There are really a few possible reasons for this.
    A)Your hard drive enclosure has died and is no longer connecting your computer to your hard drive
    B)Your hard drive has actually failed
    C)Your USB/Firewire/etc cable went bad.

    There could be other reasons but these seem the most likely. Obviously the easiest thing to test would be if the cable is bad by getting a different one. After that you could take your external enclosure apart and try to hook the drive up to a system with another adapter or just hook it up as if it were an internal drive. If it spins up and connects then you can just get your information off. However, pulling your enclosure apart will likely void your warranty.

    If neither of these work, more than likely you have a bad drive. Depending on how dead the drive is you could attempt to recover your data with programs like Recuva or other similar programs but there is no guarantee that it will work.

    Hopefully this helps.
  2. I have the Lg HXD2 320GB and it worked JUST FINE yesterday, now everytime i connect it it wont show up. Ive tried it on different computers and OS but.... no good i changed my cable 3 times no good :sweat: im afraid if i open my case i wont be able to put it back :??: (btw how do u hook the HDD internally).

    any help would be really appreciated, thnc
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