No HDMI Output on nVidia 8200 Mobo

XFX Geforce 8200 Mobo
AMD x2 5000+
OCZ 2x1GB 800mhz
XFX 8500GT 1GB
Fresh Vista x32 install.
Geforce Boost.

I have not been able to get a picture on my 32" Element HDTV using the onboard HDMI port on the 8200. I can, however get a picture (and a very annoying sound through my TV with it) on my TV if I use a DVI to HDMI adapter connected to the 8500.

Installed latest 181.20? drivers from nVidia but still nada.

I can see the TV name in the nvidia control panel, but I click to enable it, my monitor flashes black, and the checkbox unchecks automatically.

HDMI is enabled in the BIOS, motherboard manual says there should be a DVI/HDMI jumper but there isn't one where there should be.

I'm sure it's something simple, I'd really like to be able to watch the 8 Blu-Ray's I bought with the mobo on my TV.

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  1. Same Problem here did you ever figure it out?
  2. I've got the same motherboard, using a dual boot for WinXP and Linux (Ubuntu 8.10). I found that HDMI jumper, it's a big multi-pin jumper down right between that big silver heat sink and the DVI/HDMI output ports.

    See this picture

    After switching that big jumper over, I was able to get HDMI going in WinXP and Linux. Getting audio in linux though, that's a whole other story.

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