AMD AM3 720/810

I am planning on building a computer by the end of the month and I want your opinions. I do not multitask very often, but when I do multitask I will have Firefox open with 15 tabs and 6 other programs, such as xFire and GIMP 2.6. I also do a heavy amount of gaming and video editing.
After looking at what Intel has to offer with my budget I did not like the options. The only option was the Q8200 which does not seem to perform the best. So I looked at the new AM3 platform I immediately saw the Phemom II x4 810. The 810 does outperform as shown here (only 1 point.): . Although both of these processors have disappointing abilities to overclock highly and have a low 4mb of L3/L2 cache.
So then I saw, a step down, the AMD Phenom II x3 720. This does not score as high for a performance as the other two processors as seen here: . zBut is has a greater 6mb of L3 cache to supply for only 3 cores instead of 4. This cache would give me extra performance while gaming. After researching I found that the cache would give extra fps in game by a some what noticeable amount as seen here: . Also it is the Black Edition which means that it can be overclocked crazily. If you scroll down on the link above, you will find that it can get up to 3.7ghz on air and slightly easy. That is a 900mhz overclock. That makes me think that the 720 would be the better deal and save the money for a nice case or more RAM for GIMP and such.
Please tell me anything that is related to this topic and what you would do if you were in my case.
btw I am planning to pair that with the following:
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  1. I'd say wait till next month honestly, AMD is releasing more quad-cores that will blow away the 810 and 720BE. Nice choice for your video card too, that's what I plan to snag in April =),7312.html
  2. I would wait till next month too. New cards and CPU's coming out should lower the price of all the stuff now.
  3. lets say that I have to get a computer by March 31st. Then what would you choose??
  4. 720BE. I've had mine at 4G using 1.675v with 3 cores long enough to open SpeedFan, crap myself when I saw 60c and shut'er down. I run 4 cores at 3.33G on 1.4v 29c/38c with air cooling. Don't buy the 720 expecting a 4th core, expect an overclocker. As always, YMMV.
  5. 720 BE is a sick processor, use it.
  6. I a going to get the 720 BE necause then I will have extra cash if I decide to upgrade later. Also on Newegg there is a cpombo deal that saves me an extra $20 with the gtx260 core 216 that i am already getting.
    Feel free to argue against me or keep posting so that this can help other peole.
    Edit: also the combo deal will already equal orsurpass next month's price cuts. I need it by the end of the month anyway.
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