3gb/s sata spec = 300mb read max?

P6t v2 motherboard max sata is 3gb. Does that mean max read is 300mb/s? I know 1gb is 1000mb so I used think 3gb was 3000mb max transfer rate and a drive that is 250mb/s read (velociraptor) wouldn't even be close. That is not correct is it? Raid0 velociraptor would only max out at 300mb read?

Thank you
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  1. 3gb = 3 giga-bits, not 3 gigabytes

    3GB = 3 Gigabytes

    3gb = 3,000,000,000 bits

    1 byte = 8 bits

    3,000,000,000 bits = 375,000,000 bytes

    In computer terms 1000 = 1024, therefore....

    375,000,000 bytes = 366,211KB = 366.2MB theoretical maximum transfer rate (mathematically speaking).
  2. OH, thanks! Didn't know it was measured in bits lol

    That helps

    Does a raid use a single 3gb socket or does it use 2? If 2, then the max would be 6 yeah? Or no? Have never done raid before

    Thanks again
  3. When you plug two drives into a RAID system they each have their own 3GBit/sec connection - so yes, the total potential throughput is doubled.

    But remember that a hard drive cannot transfer data anywhere near that fast. The fastest consumer hard drives transfer data at less than 150GByte/sec, that's only half the capacity of 3GBit/sec SATA (and 1/4 the capacity of 6Gbit/sec SATA).

    Also keep in mind that RAID doesn't really improve access (seek) times. Although it can transfer data faster once a file has been located, it can't actually locate a file any faster than a single drive. So RAID doesn't really help much when you need to read a lot of small files, as is the case when booting your system or starting up applications.

    The only way to improve seek times is to use a drive which is inherently faster, such as a Velociraptor (better) or an SSD (way, way better).
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