Crysis warhead crashing, nvidia drivers issue?

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate x64
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 6000+ @ 3Ghz
GPU: Nvidia EVGA 8800GTX
RAM: OCZ 2x1GB PC2-6400 @ 800Mhz

When i load crysis i have to use alt+enter to enter fullscreen, not a problem due to this happens in Assasins Creed aswell.
In single player when it loads the map, it gets stuck on 80% then says the game has encountered a problem and has to stop.

Thanks in advance.

In C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis WARHEAD\LogBackups i have:
CPU: AMD AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
Family: 15, Model: 3, Stepping: 3
FPU: On-Chip
CPU Speed (estimated): 3013.858792 MHz
MMX: not present
SSE: present
3DNow!: present
Serial number not present or disabled

Processor 1:
CPU: AMD AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
Family: 15, Model: 3, Stepping: 3
FPU: On-Chip
CPU Speed (estimated): 3013.878645 MHz
MMX: not present
SSE: present
3DNow!: present
Serial number not present or disabled

Total number of system cores: 2
Number of cores available to process: 2
Windows Vista 64 bit SP 1 (build 6.0.6001)
System language: English
Windows Directory: "C:\Windows"
* Installation of KB940105 hotfix required: no! (either not needed or already installed)
Local time is 16:13:35 12/25/08, system running for 143 minutes
2046MB physical memory installed, 838MB available, 4095MB virtual memory installed, 59 percent of memory in use
PageFile usage: 57MB, Working Set: 35MB, Peak PageFile usage: 57MB,
Current display mode is 1920x1200x32, (Unknown graphics card)
IBM enhanced (101/102-key) keyboard and 16+ button mouse installed
Stream Engine Initialization
Network initialization
[net] using null socket io management
Physics initialization
MovieSystem initialization
Renderer initialization
Console initialization
Time initialization
Input initialization
Sound initialization
Sound - initializing AudioDevice now!
Sound - starting to initialize Windows Audio Session API output!
Sound - 3 drivers found:
Sound - available drivers: 0 Speakers (High Definition Audio Device) !
Sound - available drivers: 1 Headphones (High Definition Audio Device) !
Sound - available drivers: 2 Digital Output Device (SPDIF) (High Definition Audio Device) !
Sound - initializing FMOD-EX now!
Sound - initialized FMOD-EX
Sound - available record drivers: 0 Microphone (High Definition Audio Device) !
Sound - available record drivers: 1 Line In (High Definition Audio Device) !
Sound - using FMOD version: 00041403 and internal 00041403!
Sound - initializing SoundSystem now!
Font initialization
AI initialization
Initializing Animation System
Initializing 3D Engine
Script System Initialization
Entity system initialization
Initializing AI System
[PlayerProfiles] Login of user 'Kristian': First Time Login - Successfully created default profile 'default'
[PlayerProfiles] Login of user 'Kristian' successful.
[GameProfiles]: Successfully activated profile 'default' for user 'Kristian'
[Warning] Unknown command: net_pb_cl_enable false
[GameProfiles]: PlayerProfileManager reported first-time login. Running AutoDetectSpec.
Running machine spec auto detect (32 bit)...
- Windows Vista 64 bit SP 1 (build 6.0.6001)
- System memory
--- 2045 MB
- AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
--- Number of available cores: 2 (out of 2)
--- Benchmark
----- Best time after 3 runs: 601.42 ms
----- Time multiplier: 0.70
----- Final time: 420.99 ms
--- Rating: CPU class 2
- NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX (vendor = 0x10de, device = 0x0191)
--- Video memory: 745 MB
--- Minimum SM 2.0 support: yes
--- DX10 supported: yes
--- Rating: GPU class 3
- Final rating: Machine class 2
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  1. Win XP 32 is still better platform for gaming IMHO, and whilst I have yet to try Vista 64 as a gaming platform my experiences with the 32 bit version are not doing a lot to sway that opinion.
  2. goto start|programs|game|games explorer|right click crysis and try to run in dx9 and see if it helps.

    I have almost the exact same setup as you and it runs fine.
    List your MB and the vcore voltage.
    I found with mine using OCCT that it would crash alot but I added .o5 volts and all was good.
    Mine seems to need 1.33v to be stable and even though that is what I had it set at under load it would drop below and crash.
  3. I think Warhead is a POS in Vista 64.

    I just built my PC in early December and was dying to play Warhead (due to the supposedly lower requirements and me only having a 9800gtx @ 1680x1050).
    I played it for about 30 minutes, saved it and came back to it a few hours later.
    It loaded to 80%, and that was it. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and nothing happened.
    I pressed the windows key to get to the desktop- nothing.
    Control Alt Delete- nothing.

    I finally hit the hard restart button on my case. The PC starts up fine and I try to load Warhead and I get a Direct X error. I try CoD4- same thing. I click on GPU-Z and it states I have no video card! I open the Nvidia Control panel and it shows no video card. I think my gtx is almost dead. I googled around and didn't find anything (yes I reloaded drivers and attempted to update DX) so I re-installed Vista 64 (which takes a freaking hour) and everything was fine...I've played it since and nothing else has happened.

    On another note, Crysis 64-bit runs like butter, better graphics and FPS.
  4. i didnt have that problem, but i did have warhead crash on me a few times, while crysis never crashed, so it is probably a game problem that needs to be patched
  5. Are you running as admin? i run those games fine but my pc gets angry like that at bf2142 for no reason as well.

    [Warning] Unknown command: net_pb_cl_enable false

    thats a punk buster failure, did you pirate it?
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