Looking for a reliable wireless router that supports VPN

I'm in the process of selling my Linksys WAG160N because I've had issues with the wifi suddenly dropping out and reconnecting and additionally I use checkpoint VPN to access my work network which is essential for me to do my job.

Please could I have your best recommendation for a reliable router that will allow me to use my VPN client? I've never had these issues before with any home router I've had so I'm quite surprised at Linksys, I'm erring towards Netgear but does anyone know if any of the cheaper brands are reliable?

I don't need another wireless-N router, just want the cheapest reliable router that's up to the job really, looking to spend in the region of £30 - £50 including a usb wifi dongle and I'm willing to buy a second hand router.


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  1. D-Link DIR-655

    I VPN from a 54G lappy and it just works without any farting around.
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