Q4 G3 or now

I'm building a new gaming rig and i would like to finish it by August.

My question is should i get the Inet X25-M 80G
or wait for the Q4 G3s to come out?

I would like to put the OS: Windows 7 64-bit and WoW on it.
here is a link to my suggested build if that helps
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Though I hate to turn you away from this SSD (they are great), studies have shown the gaming really doesn't beneift from a SSD vs. HDD.

    OS launches and programs load super fast, but for gaming...?

    If I find the post, I'll link it here for you.
  2. Here is an interesting thread that comments (both sides of the story) that WOW is one of the few games that benefits from a SSD.

  3. Don't.

    SSDs dont help game preformance in real game.
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