My dvd reads but wont write

Hi, I can't seem to get my internal or external CD/DVD-RW to recognize a blank DVD. It reads DVD's that have something on them, but the minute I put a blank in either drive, it says I don't have a blank disc inserted. I've tried Nero, installed DVD codecs, newer drivers, but still nothing. Do you think both of these drive's lasers are shot? I'm using 3 different blanks that I have burned on both drives before. Both drives do exactly the same thing. Both will burn blank CD's, but not DVD's. Got any ideas, or are they shot? I did open the external drive, and put a blank DVD in. I saw the laser come on and stay on. But is there two types of lasers? That's what I've heard.
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  1. Yes there are two different lasers. Have you tried the blank discs in another drive? You may just have a bad batch of blank discs.
    Also there may be a compatability problem. Try a different brand of disc or one with a slower maximum write speed.
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