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I have a laptop, it is about 5 years old, and any USB storage that I plug in will lock up the computer within a minute. I have tried USB hard-drives, and USB flash drives. On the hard-drive I have plugged in the extra power plug, so it is not power. I have both ubuntu and windows xp on this computer and the problem is only in windows. The computer completly locks up, cannot even move the mouse, and the drive's activity light stays on. It does not always happen instantly, sometimes I can read a few files before it freezes. All devices work fine in windows on other computers.

Summary: USB storage locks computer, not hardware, device, or power problem.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Is your windows installation up-to-date, e.g., XPx86 should have service pack 3 installed, while XPx64 should have service pack 2. You may need to perform a repair install. Michael Stevens has posted a well-written guide for that here.
  2. Yes it is up to date, so I guess a repair is my only option. I will try it and report back how it worked.
  3. Go to device manager, uninstall USB hubs, then restart and let the system re-install the drivers
  4. I know this is an old thread, but it's the first one that comes up in a google search for this problem. I have been poking around as my fiance's computer is having this very same problem, and after finding nothing through Google, I decided to do my own troubleshooting steps. Low and behold, scan disk found an error. It's a HDD issue for me, so for any one who googles this problem and finds nothing that helps, here is something else. I put a fresh reload of Windows XP pro SP3 on her laptop and still had the issue, did a scan disk and it found errors, I'm currently letting Scandisk attempt to fix the errors before jumping to replace the drive, although I foresee that happening anyways.
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