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My computer got its BIOS corrupted a few days ago so I decided to move my 256MB GeForce 7600GS to an another computer. In the beginning, it was working fine, but after an hour or so of playing Warcraft III graphics went crazy and the computer froze. After reboot, red vertical lines appeared on the screen (always on the same position), and the screen would go dark after windows loaded. Everything else was working though. After a few reboots - and after some time passed, the lines were gone, and everything was normal. I recreated this scenario a couple of times, and now the lines remained.

It came to my mind inadequate PSU (300W) could be the problem so I put in the PSU that was in the old computer (400W), and on which it was working fine, without any problems. Still didn't work. I thought it might be due to overheating, but then it shouldn't appear instantly when turning on the PC?
Now I've put the old 128MB GeForce 5200FX back in and it's working again.

I've downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia.

Both computers had virtually the same Pentium 4 2.60GHz processors.
The mb on the new comp is ASUS P4P800, with the same AGP 8x slot as the old mb.

Thanks in advance for any solutions / ideas.
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  1. Im having the same kind of problem. Altho mind kinda started off defintely.

    I recently a 7600 GT into a brand new computer setup (3.0 duo core cpu, 2 gigs of Ram, 650W Antec PSU, biostar motherboard TP43D2-A7), after my last computer died (ethier virus corrupted the bios/paritions not sure). Anyway, for the last week or so everything was fine, i was doing backups and recovery of my old IDE drive so i wasnt using the computer for much in terms of power (ie no gaming, apps, etc).

    Ok so today i decide im done trying ot back up, and start installing apps and my game. No problem again. So i boot up Planetside start changing the resolution in the game to match my desktop and its all good. Then i notice my sound isnt coming out, so im thinking i didnt connect it right. So i pull the plug out and put it back in another slot. I hear a crackle of static as the plug hits the other slot and suddenly Planetside goes crazy with graphical glitches. I manage to control alt delete out and kill the program. Ok so after that i try the onboard audio ports (and some Realtec software pops up). After trying that i hit one more onboard port and the computer just freezes up, crashes, and reboots.

    Now while rebooting, my startup BIOS screen suddenly has little redlines all over the place. Get to windows, and the windows startup screen has little blue lines all over it. Then the display goes black and nothing happens. My monitor powers off like i had shut the computer off. I hard boot it, same thing happens. I hard boot it again, go into Windows safe mode and im able to get in (clean screen). So reboot again (no changes) and black window death. So back to safemode, remove the nivida drivers and im able to get back into Windows. Install older drivers, black window death. After remvoing all nivida drivers im able to get back into regular windows. Sometimes ill get pixelled corrupting and sometimes not. Im pretty much at a lost of what to do here.

    I read a few sites talking about not enough power for the 7600 (said it needed 20A on 12v). I noticed the specs on my new PSU shows (i think) 19A on 12vs. I doubt the sound cables had anything to do with it, i think it was just bad timing after trying to run my graphic intenstive game. Im about to try my old card (if i can fit it in, which i doubt) and see what happens. My guess is my card is bad and it seems to hit the bad spots at random times.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appericated, thanks in advance.
  2. BUMP
    i got the same issue,can u help guys?
    7300 GS/GT
  3. BUMP YO
    got the same issues as 2nd poster
  4. Same problem, but with a Radeon HD 4670 card. Oddly enough, I upgraded from the Radeon HD 4650. I reverted back to the 4650 and now it runs fine (no red lines / black screen of death).

    Tried it on two different OSs: XP and Windows 7.
  5. i had the same problem too with my 7500 le. so i went to a pc store and they told me that this occur because of several reasons, such as in adequate power, over use of the video card or the video card is over heating. i downgraded to a 7300gs and its great
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