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I have a question about setting up a RAID 0+1 array. I currently have a RAID 0 array made up of 2 WD Caviar Green drives (1TB each, 5400 rpm). I also have an external drive, 2TB 7200 RPM connected via USB 3.0. I have two main questions:

1) Is it possible to set up a RAID 0+1 array between the 2 drives? Keeping my current RAID 0 configuration and then having that new RAID volume mirrored onto the 2TB drive?

2) Would it be better to just keep running backups to my external drive as is?

I'm new to RAID arrays, so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. A diagram if my choice of words was confusing:

    1 TB drive---
    --------------- 2 TB drive
    1 TB drive---
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    Keep running backup to your external drive as is!

    RAID 0+1 needs 4 drives. RAID 1+0 needs 2, but recommends 4.

    Here is information overkill: Wikipedia

    Quote: "RAID is not data backup." Says it right in the link! Only "saves" data encase of a drive failure...a point missed by alot of persons asking about RAID 1.

    However, keep your RAID 0 array, this boosts speed. But keep backing up...
  3. Yeah, you can't enter that into a raid.

    I'd say that RAID 1 type stuff would be good enough as a way to keep data safe for most people. The only thing a data backup would help you over raid 1 is user error related stuff; then you have to add on the fact that you would have to remember to run the backups.
  4. Thanks guys. I'm still running backups to my external drive. I decided against doing a RAID 1 of any sort because I've heard that it puts a little extra toll on the CPU, and I'd rather not slow it down any.
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