Third party overclocker for ATI, and Asking how to properly OC

So, i've been wanting to overclock my graphics card ever since i got my computer all build and working about 2 days ago. When i tried, my system kept rebooting, and was very scared.

My graphics card now is a XFX Radeon 5770 XXX edition, so it is pre over clocked by only by a small amount.
I first tried overlcocking the core to 875 to 925. It was stable, didn't change the temps much, at 70% percent fan speed the temp was about 39 to 41 celcius.

My system rebooting could be that, before i over clocked, i had 27 windows 7 updates to intstall, plus the other optional 11.

While i was at school, (and am right now as I type this), what happened, and he told me that while you overclock your core, you need to equalize it with the memory in a certain way, and same with the shader clocks.

Now I did all my overlclocking with ATI overdrive, witch doesn't have a shader clock modifier on it.

My first question is; is there any third party overlcocker for ATI that is legit and works just as good or maybe better then ATI overdrive?

My second question is; How do I properly overlcock my graphics card? I've looked up a lot of How To's, and there a bit out of date. I was just wondering and wanted to ask the community to help me with this, because i don't want to break anything, but I want to overlcock this thing because all the reviews it gets for excellent overclocking.

Thanks for all the help! :D
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  1. I prefer ATI Tray Tools, which can be found here:

    Once installed, launch, and check out the system tray icon for the program.

    Select Hardware -> Overclocking Settings, then change the core and memory, hit apply, and go.

    This program is great, it lets you save OC settings and apply them automatically when you launch programs. It will also let you specify fan settings along with each OC profile if you want.
  2. Graphics cards don't often cause reboots but it can happen. When OCing mine the issue has generally been grey screen/freeze up. Anyway, usually you should be able to max out CCC's ATI Overdrive and then some. I haven't used the Tray Tools festerovic listed, but I'd recommend MSI Afterburner. It also allows for custom fan profiles which is awesome for making it nice and quiet and only speed up the fans when into the higher temps.

    Don't worry about shader speeds from my understanding that's more for Nvidia cards. I don't think any newer ATI cards have that. It's basically just part of the core speed. Also you don't need to increase core and memory speeds together. However if you like anti aliasing (which you should ;)) then you'll want to get the mem speed as high as you can as that is the limiting factor to fps with AA on. Then increase the core speed. Most people like to use FurMark to test their OCs for stability. It can be quite tedious, you need to run it for at least 10 mins to know for sure if it's stable or not, however runs of 3 mins can still give you an idea. It's just that you'll sometimes get to a point where 3-5 mins is ok then you start gaming and after 20 minutes it goes grey screen on you.

    Last thing, make sure you update your drivers before OCing. Like that windows update stuff... you want everything to be current (usually). Also just fyi you should check out if your mobo has a new BIOS version out. Oh and down the road if you find a GPU OC setting you really like you can flash your GPU BIOS so that it runs properly in 2D/3D modes (most gpus will downclock for 2D in Windows then 3D for gaming). A great program for that is RBE along with ATIFlash... make sure you do some research first tho so you know what you're doing (there's tutorials). I used this on my 5850 cards and it works great. Stock they run at 700/1000 and I have mine set to run 875/1200 in 3D but they downclock to 157/300 in 2D. Afterburner generally doesn't allow them to downclock. (It might just be a 64bit issue as it does allow 2D and 3D profiles to be loaded)
  3. i once owned an ati card ......i oced it using gputool to find the max i can oc it then modded the bios and flashed it(flashing bios will void warrenty).......also try diff. version of drivers some cards can be better oced in specific version of drivers(i could be wrong)......(for me v9.9 gave me the most stable and max oc)........ all being said overclocking capabilities varies from pc to pc.... so it comes down to trial and goodluck ocing ........
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