New cpu fan works only for half second at startup

Hi all,

I post here because I have a problem with my CPUfan.

I have the following problem.
I had this config:
- e6300 with regular intel heatsink
- asus p5qlpro
-4b ram ddr2 kingston 667
- power supply 420w
-sapphire radeo hd4850 512mb pcie

Today I decided to install my upgrade:
1) I installed the new power supply Antec earthwatts 650w
2) I installed the new CPU E8600
3) I installed the new heatsink and cpu fan Arctic Cooler Freezer Rev2

I switch on the PC and the bios recognize the new CPU and the power supply appears to work well.
BUT I have the error: cpu fan error. I check it and indeed the fan is not working.
The fan is well connected to the 4pin cpufan connector on the motherboard and after some reboots I noticed that when I push the button "power" on the case and the PC start its startup, the fan is indeed working for half-second.
The fan is free to work, there are no obstacles-

I checked bios and disabled the cpu-q fan feature but nothing changed.
I tried to connect the fan to a chassis fan connector (3 pins) butnothing changed.
I finally tried to use the PC normally taking a look at the temperatures:I tried 3dmark06 but during the first test the PC rebooted.

What can I do? Everything in the previous situation was working fine...
I thank in advice the ones who will help me.
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  1. seems like a short-circuit somewhere, this could be a PSU problem, motherboard problem, but could also be the case itself and its standoffs.

    Ensure the mobo stand-offs are installed correctly (including the insulation washers) and the mobo is not touching any part of the case.

    my first suggestion would be to take the everything out of the case(set it on a table or a bench) and connect only necessary components to it. try booting it up and see if it works.

    other possibilities could be a misplaced jumper cap causing short-circuit somewhere, double check your mobo manuals to see if everything is connected correctly (including any jumper caps)

    Then if that doesnt work, try another power supply.
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