9800 GTX+ running at 65nm??? PLEASE HELP!!!

Just bought an ECS 9800 GTX+ and GPU-Z says it has a 65nm core. WTF?
The temperatures at idle are usually ~50c. But when under load (Crysis GPU test), temperatures get up to just under 80, which is HIGHER than the original 9800 GTX!
And yes, I have a properly cooled system.

GPU-Z info

Name: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+
GPU: G92
Revision: A2
Technology: 65nm
Die Size: 330mm(2)
Release Date: Apr 01, 2007
Transistors: 754M
BIOS Version:
Device ID: 10DE - 0612
Subvendor: Elitegroup (1019)
ROPs: 16
Bus Interface: PCI-E x16 @ x16
Shaders: 128 Unified
DirectX Support: 10.0/SM4.0
Pixel Fillrate:11.8 GPixel/s
Texture Fillrate: 47.4 GTexel/s
Memory Type: GDDR3
Bus Width: 256 Bit
Memory Size: 512 MB
Bandwidth: 70.4GB/s
Driver Version: nv4_disp (ForceWare 177.83) / XP
GPU Clock: 740 MHz - Memory: 1100 MHz - Shader: 1836 MHz
NVIDIA SLI: Disabled

Is this 65 or 55nm?
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  1. There are two different versions of the 9800GTX+. One is 65nm and the newer version is the 55nm version which was probably released in December 2008.

    You obviously bought the older version. It makes sense since there is still a large stock of older 65nm versions.

    The only 55nm 9800GTX+ that I know of is the Palit NE/98TX+XT352 GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit GDDR3. That's because there was a review of this specific video card.
  2. Actually NVIDIA never released any 65nm GTX+ cards, the only 65nm models are board partners varients. I contacted NVIDIA and they said that ALL GTX+ models from ECS should only be 55nm models.
  3. According to the following Xbitlabs.com article, there have been 9800GTX+ released with the "old" G92 GPU (4th paragraph):


    Although Nvidia claims that the transition to the new tech process is complete in the mainstream sector (see this news story for details), you can still meet GeForce 9800 GTX+ with the older version of the core in shops.

    Is the core identified as G92 or G92b? G92b refers to the 55nm core.
  4. thats the price of buying a card from a morally dubious manufacturer
  5. I've looked around about the same question. My 9800 GTX+ shows up in GPU-Z as a 65nm part too. I've read on some sites that GPU-Z cannot discern one from the other. From what I've read, some say that all GTX+'s are 55nm and some say there are both 55nm and 65nm out there.

    I don't know who to believe. The only real way to tell is to take off the heat-sink and look for yourself. So far, I've never come across anyone who took off their heatsink and confirmed that a 65nm chip was on their GTX+.

    Here's an example of GPU-Z saying 65nm, but the author pulled the heatsink and found a 55nm chip:


    If you do pull the heatsink, here is a comparison:

    65nm G92:

    compared to the 55nm G92b:

    How about taking off your heatsink and post back what you find?
  6. Would this not mean that I need to apply thermal paste when I put the fan back on? I don't have any so I'd have to go buy some. How much would I put on? And there's about 20 million screws on the back of the cooler:P
  7. The 9800gtx was 65nm and the 9800gtx+ is the 55nm version. Or at least thats been my understanding all this time, I doubt nvidia put out a 65nm varient of the GTX+ that be evil even for them when it comes to naming their cards.
  8. i remember when it came out, the gtx+ is 65nm and 55nm, but the 65nm are not supposed to reach the shops, only for OEMs, as far as im concerned you have been burned, take it like a MAN
  9. I just found a thread on Overclockers.net in which someone had the same 65nm mystery with GPU-Z.


    Anyway, Everest correctly reports the 9800 GTX+ as 55nm.

    How about installing Everest and post back if it says 55nm or 65nm?

    When I get home, I'll try the same.
  10. Everest doesn't tell me anything, only that I have a 9800GTX/9800GTX+
  11. Well, now I'm getting p!ssed-off. Everest reports 65nm for my card as well. It appears my 9800 GTX+ is just an overclocked 9800 GTX.

    I'm using a trial version of Everest Ultimate 4.6.
  12. this is the reason i dont buy nvidia
  13. I just used the free one. This is so f*%king annoying! I guess I'll go buy some thermal paste tomorrow.
  14. I sent an email to my card’s manufacturer in an attempt to straighten this out. Here is their reply:

    PNY produces 9800 GTX+ with both 65NM and 55 NM tech, PNY does not advertise that their cards are 55nm process and it should not be assumed that all 9800 GTX+ cards are 55nm,

    also there is no way to tell the difference between 55 nm and 65nm without opening the box and either using a program like you have or disassembling the card(voids warranty)

    if the only issue is that you were expecting 55 nm tech on the card then return the product to the store of purchase.

    Best Regards,
    PNY Technologies Support

    In other words, yes they both exist and it’s a crapshoot whether or not you get a 9800 GTX+ with 55nm or 65nm process technology.

    This sounds like a bait-and-switch scam to me. For a CPU analogy, it’s like someone pin-modding a 65nm E6600 to run at 1333MHz FSB and trying to pass it off and sell it as a much better 45nm E8400. Both would be running 3GHz, with the former being older tech overclocked to match the latter. They’re banking on consumers not knowing any better. A$$holes. These cards should have been advertised as "GeForce 9800 GTX OC". I might have to dump my card on eBay because I'm so :fou: !
  15. I have a 9800 GTX+ myself. It runs cool, and the speeds report as advertised, but still, this made me wonder. Found this helpfull.

    *edit* the vibe I'm getting is that ALL GTX+'s are SUPPOSED to be 55nm, but the manufacturers are being cheesy (selling the GTX as the GTX+)

    Oh, man! :non:
  16. I am a victim of this bait and switch too. The problem I'm having right now is that I have 2 factory overclocked 9800GTX's being sold as GTX+s, and they are having trouble running stable at "stock" speeds. What can we, as consumers, do at this point? I just began to notice that most, if not all manufacturers do not associate the 55nm fact with any of their 9800GTX+ spec sheets. I am guessing this is no coincidence.
  17. Well im getting up the company I bought mine from and I contacted the office of fair trading. They're to stupid to know the difference so I told them that if it's not 55nm it's not a + :)

    And ECS is REALLY stupid. The fan that's on the card is crap. Remember the stock 8800 GTX cooler? It's one of those, with 3 differences. 1. They covered those holes in the side. good 2. it's alot longer, good 3. they turned it around, so now the 80 degree heat goes straight to the RAM and CPU :P BAD, VERY BAD!!!!
  18. gtcardwhere said:
    I am a victim of this bait and switch too. The problem I'm having right now is that I have 2 factory overclocked 9800GTX's being sold as GTX+s, and they are having trouble running stable at "stock" speeds. What can we, as consumers, do at this point? I just began to notice that most, if not all manufacturers do not associate the 55nm fact with any of their 9800GTX+ spec sheets. I am guessing this is no coincidence.

    don't buy nvidia again, thats about the only thing you can do, if every one voted with there wallet it would make them think twice
  19. *edit*

    Bah! My 9800GTX+ is 55nm! :hello:
  20. So, I emailed Asus this;

    ">[Problem Description]
    > I am having trouble identifying my card as a 55nm process die, or
    > According to everything I read before I bought this card, it is
    >supposed to be a 55nm
    >process die. That is why I bought it.
    > Could you please clarify this for me.
    > EN9800GTX+ DK/HTDI/512M/A
    >ser.# 89COAI873406
    >part# 90-C1CLQO-JOUAYOOZ"

    Here's the reply;

    "Dear Valued Customer,
    Please Advice, in Order to set you up with an RMA I would
    need you to provide your full shipping address thank you and have a
    great day.
    Best regards,

    Gustavo R.
    ASUS Customer Service"

    Now, that doesn't sound too good, so I replied with this;

    "Thank you for replying. However, I did not indicate that I wanted to return this card, I simply requested to know if the chip is a 55nm process, or a 65nm process. I cannot find this information anywhere, however, all of the information I've gathered says the 9800GTX+ is supposed to be a 55nm card. Please answer my question at your earliest convenience. I anxiously await your reply. Thanks."

    Who knows? I'm thinking my 55nm GTX+ is a 65nm. :(
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