Computer has no power

Hi, I have a problem with my newly built computer, when i flick the switch on my power supply to turn it on it does nothing not even a sound or light turns on. Iv tried turning it on with it only connected to the motherboard and cpu but nothing still.

intel e8400
g.skill 4 gigs
hd 4850
WD 500gb
LG dvd driver
Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3l LGA 775
OCZ stealthXStream 600watt

any help would be great thank you!
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  1. did you make sure you put in your power sw and reset sw into the right pins of the motherboard?
    P.S i have the same psu, i usually w8 turn the psu on for 1min and let it charge. than i turn on my computer. Usually if i just flip the switch and than turn on my computer, only the fans will boot, than after 3 seconds everything boots.
  2. oh Yea did you check your 24 pin motherboard connecter? how about the 4 or 8 pin connecter *it should be located to the left of your cpu
  3. yea my connectors look fine, but im not sure about the power sw and reset sw if they are in the wrong place will that prevent the PSU from starting? my motherboard didnt label them very well.
  4. Bouge said:
    yea my connectors look fine, but im not sure about the power sw and reset sw if they are in the wrong place will that prevent the PSU from starting? my motherboard didnt label them very well.

    Absolutley, they must be hooked up correctly.
  5. but even when its just my motherboard connected to the PSU i get no power at all.
  6. mm. well try this.
    1. Unplug your psu from the wall
    2. w8 30 seconds *make sure the psu switch is to off. if not do step 1 again.
    3. switch on your psu and you should hear a faint noise from the psu. It sounds like E! but really scweecky and high pitched. It will do this for 1min.
    if it makes that noise it means your psu is ready to go
    Look in your motherboard manual and check how the pins are supposed to go in. in your case the corde with Power SW is power switch. Just connect that to the right pin that it says on your manual. If this doesn't work. you may have a dead mother board or psu. either one.

    Hope this helps, Cheers and good luck.
  7. doesnt work :(
  8. Your motherboard doesn't label anything very well, how about looking at your PRODUCT MANUAL, usually called the instructions...It might actually show you how to to plug in the power switch...Or if you're just TOO STUPID, take the machine to your local tech shop, pay them $150 plus dollars to hook it up correctly, and you'll be ready to try typing...
  9. Thanks for the advice marcellis you make no sense, why do you bother posting? I have been reading the manual and have everything in the correct positions but still nothing, I guess my PSU or motherboard is fked. How do i know which one is broken? I guess ill just RMA the PSU unless anyone else has a suggestion. thanks for the help Redxeon
  10. You need to test the PSU 1st it may be doa.
    Make sure the switch on back of the PSU is on and its plugged into the wall.

    If the PSU checks out try your mobo outside the case on a phonebook cause your case might be shorting out the mobo.
  11. Google the PSU paper clip test.

    If it dont come on with paper clip test its dead.
  12. nice the paper clip test worked my PSU isnt dead, now what do i do haha.
  13. Sorry. maybe you don't speak ENGLISH, 30 years of computer support might not impress you either. Pull your head out of your ASS and fix it yourself, or pay someone that speaks the language...haha, why do you bother posting?
  14. Well sounds like a short. Try assembling the motherboard outside the case.

    To turn it on short the on pins with a screwdriver.

    RMA it and buy a Dell, you aren't qualified to build your own.
  15. Marcellis you're just a prick, you come post into this thread just to call me stupid and give no helpful advise whatsoever, that sure shows your 30 years of computer support.

    Alright ill try assembling it outside of the case and see what happens, thanks for your help.
  16. Marcellis's avatar fits him perfect.
  17. YES, it worked thank you, now lets see if i can get it to work inside of the case :)! im not sure what is causing the short though i have it raised with the proper screws and everything.
  18. Make sure to use the brass standoffs, and make sure you dont use any extra or put any in the wrong holes.

    You probably got to many in or one in the wrong place. dont tighten the mobo screws real tight just snug.

    Good luck!
  19. wooohooo it worked!! thank you for all your help.
  20. Your welcome. What was the problem?
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