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i have a 1tb sata drive that isn't recognized in 2 different pc's.
i get a hum and a couple of click sounds.
any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Internal or external, is it formatted, does bios detect it?
    Does your bios support large drives?
    Is it new or has it been used before?
    Was this a new drive from a reputable supplier.
  2. this i an internal drive, has been not been formated other than when it originally went in the system. the drive is a couple of years old. seagate barracuda 1tb 32mb cache 7200rpm st31000333as. was installed in an intel dp45sg/ q9650/ 8gb ram
  3. Download Seagate diagnostic tools and check it out, if Seatools finds a problem Seagate will replace it under warranty.
  4. the drive isn't as important as the data on it. maybe we could take it apart like on ncis.
  5. Taking it apart requires a clean room (no dust or fibres in the air and sealed), the sort facility only lab's have. Replacing the printed circuit board from another drive of same model has been done, but first you need to make sure the drive is faulty.
  6. Taking a drive apart to "fix" it is a virtually guaranteed way to destroy all or part of its data. There are easier ways to wipe a drive!The classic hammer technique comes to mind.
  7. I often wonder why so many don't make backups to dvd's, they are so cheap and reliable.
    When cd burners first arrived here they were $800AUD for a 2 speed and 700MB blank disks cost $15AUD each, now DL dvd burners $50AUD and 4.7GB disks $15AUD for a pack of 50 and this week someone had them out for $22AUD for 100 on special.
  8. ya'll know about hindsight...............backed up everything but this drive
    kinda didn't count on the system drive and one of the secondary drives go'n south
    at the same time by golly.
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