Overclocking a E4600

I have a Gateway computer. The model is a GT5685E. The CPU is a E4600 2.4 GHz, Duo Core, I am trying to get it to 2.8 GHz. The probelm theres no option to overclock it in the BIOS. I tried to use clockgen but it doesn't support my BIOS or motherboard.
Here's a picture of my motherboard details:

Anyway to overclock this CPU?
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  1. The only other Windows software that I know of which can overclock your CPU is SetFSB.
  2. you cant really overclock proprietary systems like this. you might be able to do some software tweaking but that's it. I would recommend saving up and building a new computer that you can overclock all you want. Do what I did, huck away 20 bucks into your sock drawer when you can, till you got enough.
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