Can a hard drive bottleneck games

most likley not but every time my games like gta 4 and sims 2 slows down my hard drive light going like crazy...i defraged it and everything its not that good of a drive only has 70mb read and 60mb write...but if i get a new 1 well it be faster
i have 3GB of ram
upgradeing to 6GB and going from 32bit windows 7 to 64bit
theres No virus scanner running

this seems real simple no it well not improve speeds..but why is games like sims 2 slowing down

amd athlon x4 620 OC to 3.25ghz
3GB of ram
320GB sata hard drive with only 8mb cache
ati 4770
antec 380 watt power supply
windows 7 32bit
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  1. While a faster drive would help (WD Raptor), I doubt it's the root of the problem. I had a quick look on Google and found that custom install in Sims can use up memory and you may have to clear some of them.
    Google sims 2 and have a read what others have to say.
  2. There shouldn't be much IO happening while you're in the game. Monitor your memory and CPU usage while you're playing and see if they're running close to capacity.

    Getting a faster hard drive probably won't prevent the slow-downs.
  3. Your pagefile might be too small. Windows defaults to let windows manage your page file size and it does this dynamically, growing & shrinking as needed. You can try to manually set your page file size. It is usually recommended that the page file size is 1.5x the size of your physical memory, or 4.5 Gig in your case.
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