No video. GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3

Hi there,

I purchased a GA-MA770-UD3 and I am unable to see video on it...

I have plugged everything in, turned it on and verified that all the case fans and the CPU heatsink fans are working. I've swapped out memory in all the locations and tried booting with no memory, etc.

Specs are:
AMD|PH X4 9850 2.5G AM2+
4 Gigs of GSkill DDR2 1066
Nvidia 8800GT

I've plugged the video card in properly, including the extra power to the fan... really frustrated... does anyone know if this motherboard has a built in PC speaker? I don't even hear any error codes on it or see any LEDs light up on the motherboard... possible bad motherboard?

Thank you!
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    Did you connect both power connectors? There is the standard ATX power connector with 24 pins, AND a small ATX_12v 4 pin connector that mostly powers the CPU. If you you forget to connect the 4 pin connector, you'll get the behavior you described.

    Happened to me 3 days ago...
  2. Oh interesting... is this additional power that comes from the power supply? I had no clue this was even needed! I connected the CPU FAN power from the heatsink to the motherboard... and the additional power needed from the power supply. Can you tell me what the connection on the motherboard is labeled as?

    Thank you!
  3. It should be labelled ATX_12v. Assuming you are looking at the board with the memory at the bottom, it sits above and to the left of the CPU, right behind the multicolored external speaker jacks. Yes, this is additional power that comes from the power supply. Personally I think this is a flaw in Gigabyte's design. The board give you absolutely no indication of what's wrong when it's not connected.
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