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Beginner Builder, Optical Drive Questions

Last response: in Storage
June 18, 2010 3:50:01 AM

This is my very first build and I have a few questions that I want to clear up. (Havn't got my parts in the mail yet.)

I read somewhere that before some optical drives work they need to install drivers. Is this true for all optical drives?

Is there anyway to set up the optical drive in the BIOS to work without the drivers?

If my optical drive doesn't work, how do I install the OS?

Thanks for the help in advanced.
June 18, 2010 7:13:58 PM

Your optical drive should "just" work, and should be recognized and be listed in the BIOS, if it's hooked up right and the drive is good. Assuming it's a SATA drive, if it's an IDE drive, make sure the jumpers are set right for master and slave. The drivers for the drive will be loaded after you have your OS loaded (windows). The drivers for the drive are for firmware updates, burning and editing a CD or DVD and so on. A lot of time the driver disk will come with all kinds of "crapware" you don't need, so check it out and make sure you want it all loaded before hand, or, you can just load the driver for the drive.

PS. the only set-up in the BIOS that you should have to do, is to set it as the first boot drive. That way, if your HDD is corrupted, you can load a boot disk (windows, Ubuntu... disk) in the optical drive to recover your HDD or to reload the OS. The BIOS will look to the optical drive for a boot disk first, and if one isn't found to will continue to the second boot drive (should be your HDD but can be another optical or USB drive) and so on till it finds the OS and starts up. Good luck, hope this helps.