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Looking to build again; need list or help with SLI Mobo's

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May 7, 2009 8:38:26 PM

Hey everyone

my question(s) is regarding my desire to build a new computer (my comp has served me very well, but the new hardware out now is insane compared to what it was ago like...4 years ago) to be ready for any various computer games that come out i might like, but most notably Starcraft 2, and diablo 3. I fully aware that it will be a while for them to come out, and for us to have an idea of what hardware we might need to run them well, but in the mean time, i would like some ideas and input to get me on the right path. thing really far behind. my motherboard is actually a 939 socket, and nforce4 chipset ! its not even a 680i which at the time was quite diesel.

so hear's the thing: whats a good motherboard - not too expensive - but definitely excellent value that can handle hardware and such, and perform quite well for those games, perhaps a game like crysis (tho i have no inclination to play atm, im just using as a bench per se), with some room for expandability. Im open to either DDR2, but im thinking in the future DDR3 will become mainstream, so ide like to consider going with that route as well. As far as processor, im hearing the i97 is a pretty stellar piece of hardware so thats a consideration as well. However, heres where i get lost: what are the chipsets, other than the i790's and such, that are SLI ready or capable ? i went sli before - two 7800 gt's, before i let my cousin "borrow" one...and never got it back - and im pretty sure ide like to do it again. As far as budget goes...i guess nothing over say like, 1300. then again, i have water cooling so thats covered for cooling. any recommendations or ideas is greatly appreciated to get a good idea what to shop around wit. Thank you

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May 8, 2009 12:36:22 AM

$1300 should be enough for you to get a decent i7 system. i7 uses X58 chipset only, it won't work with 790i Nvidia chipset. However X58 (most) are both SLI and Crossfire capable, so you're covered.

This is my build just to give you an idea.

EVGA X58 $270

i7 920 $229 - local pickup Microcenter only.

GSkil DDR3 Triple channel PI (silver) $95

T.R.U.E. socket 1366 $75

This is the core of an i7 build, at $680 or so. The rest of the components are all trivial and should be able to fit into the rest of your budget.