Hypertransport and AMD CPU overclocking inquiery

I am new to overclocking, have been experimenting for the past month or so. I'm trying to get the full concept of how Hypertransport works. I have been using AMD's great program, AMD Overdrive, and I can get my current CPU to 3.2 ghz without a voltage increase which from what I've read is the ideal scenario.

But recently, I have tried to increase the clock on the hypertransport because I am aware that my motherboard supports it up to 2600mhz and my CPU claims to be handle it up to 4000mhz. So, why is it when I increase it to 2600 mhz in the bios, it causes my computer not to POST?

Upon further investigation, I noticed when I increase the hypertransport mhz, it causes the CPU clock speed to also increase as well as my memory mhz, which would explain why it wouldn't allow it to post.

That being said, since I am well aware that my CPU is capable of handling 3.2ghz clock without issues, should I increase the "HT" mhz until it brings my CPU speed til about 3.2ghz but at the same time, also increases the overall speed of each other component? Or should I remain sticking to clocking one thing at a time, and assume it won't work the way I just explained. How does the "HT" clocking work exactly? I guess I'm a little confused at what it does and why overclocking it is so hard, seeing as it looks (from the look of AMD Overdrive) that it increases the overall clocking of every component that directly deals with the CPU. Any input on the matter would be appreciated, because I'm trying to increase the performance of my system and if my CPU can handle 4000mhz "HT" and my mobo can handle 2600, what's the problem?

Also for future reference incase you need to know:
Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE
8GB Mushkin DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
Crossfire 512Mb Radeon 4850
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  1. leave HT alone, it will not increase performance of your PC by increasing its values, in fact you may do quite the opposite, so leave it at its default setting (2000 or whatever)
  2. Why is the option there then? I'm confused at the values being completely off from advertisement. I'm trying to learn more about it, virtually.
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