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Hello to everyone in the community.

I bought an 1 TB hard drive Western Digital Caviar Green around 2 months ago and I've got some odd values in the SMART for a new drive, here is the HD Tune screenshot:

(in this example I used HD Tune Pro but I got the same values using Everest and other tools, except the WD Data LifeGuard Tool, since it doens't show the raw data value, instead of it, it shows a "warranty" column)
According to that the drive just remapped 224 sectors (it was 218 before, really high values) so I was wondering if I should use the warranty and replace it or could it be a SMART mismeasured? perhaps due to some incompatibilities with my SATA controller or something.
By the way, I still didn't do a "full test" using the official tool, I will do it tomorrow, but I don't know if this tool test the remapped sectors too.

My system specs are:

Mobo: G31M-S2L
2 GB of RAM
Drive in question: WDC Caviar Green WD10EARS
OS: Windows 7

Thank you very much.
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  1. If you're seeing these values, then that's what they are. Your drive obviously has at least one marginal area that's causing problems. The "Current Pending Sector" is the scariest because those are blocks that contain data that the drive can't read.

    If the drive is still within the warranty period then IMHO this is a good reason to return it.
  2. ^ +1

    That drive is in danger of failing soon.

    I hope you are not using a Green for your C: drive ;) they are great for storage but slow slow slow.
  3. backup your data and get the drive replaced
  4. Thanks to all for the answers, I will backup my data, perform a complete erase and return it, I hope I could replace it for a WD Caviar Black but I don't think so :p. Fortunately I don't use this drive as primary but make the backup will be hard 'cause I don't have where to put the DATA, well I guess I should make some space in my other disks :P
    Thank you again.
  5. Everybody has given you the right answer. FYI the reading of SMART data is not a matter of compatibility between HDD and mobo. Almost all of the work, analysis and data gathering in SMART is done on the HDD unit itself by its own processor. The mobo's role is simply in reading that data from the HDD's board and letting you see it. As sminlal said, "If you're seeing these values, then that's what they are."
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