4hdd = 2 * 2hdd raid0

I use to work with 2 separate HDD 1 for the system one for data
I would like the performance of my systeme : video editing and video diffusion using arkaos VJ in hd

is it possible to setup with 4 hdd
2 hdd raid for system and 2 hdd raid0 for data = increase the performance read and write data ?

what amount of increase performance ?


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  1. I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do here are you trying to have 2 seperate raid 0 arrays or 1 raid 1 and 1 raid 0? It may make more sense to have a 4 disk raid 10 or 01 array
  2. I'm assuming you are talking Raid0 since you are looking for performance.

    Short answer - Yes, no problem. I had my P965 (E6400 system) set up with 4 HDD. Two, Raid 0 for Vista and two, raid0 for Win 7 RC.

    For alittle more info if you go this route (NOT sure what size your disks are), so I'll use mine as an example.

    I used 4 WD 640 Blacks. On the first pair set up TWO raid0 configurations. The first with approx 200 Gigs for your operating system and programs (I used a strip size of 64 K), then the remainer of the HDD I set up with a 128K strip This will show up as Drive 0 and drive 1 in Windows (Not drive 0 with two partitions. - This is where it differs from setting up as a single strip and partitioning in windows. On 2nd set - your choice two stripped volumes will show up das a drive 2 and drive 3, Using the whole disk as a single stripped volume will show up as a single drive (drive 2) and you can partition it in windows as desired.

    You can Use one pair two provide backup for the 2nd pair and visa versa.
  3. The lesson most users of RAID0 have learned is: make SURE you have and USE your backup systems. Lost video files cane be very valuable and hard to recover from failed RAID0 arrays.
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