Antec P190 Mods.

Hey guys , i got a Antec P190 but i want a see through on the side but I don't know which one which could you recommend to me?
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  1. Which one what? Which side to put the window on? left...
  2. I want like the both sides to be see thru. But i don't want lights cuz then i can't sleep xD

    also i have the black finish one
  3. i'm pretty sure you want the left side to be see-through. if the right side is transparent, you'll only see cables and the back of the motherboard tray.

    you can either cut your own panel, order vinyl and rubber to do it yourself, or just google around for companies that sell the panel pre-modded. I've seen a few websites that had them for sale, but they cost close to $100 just for the panel.
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