Hello, I have a HP Pavilion 551W with 1.6 gHz Intel, 1.536 Gig of ram, 7200 rpm hard drive. I just formatted the hard drive, reloaded XP Pro, only installed MS office, Comcast supplied anti-virus which is "Constant Guard" and Norton. The PC seems real sluggish for all that it has in it. Sometimes when you type, the letters in email don't show on the screen right away. Pages on the internet seem to load very slowly and I have cable broadband. Is there a way I can isolate what might be dragging this down?
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    You say you have comcast's "constant guard" and Norton. Are you running 2 anti-viruses? If so, that is not recommended as they can cause a conflict with each other and bog the pc down dramatically. Norton can make the pc run very slow on its own. Have you tried removing both antiviruses and seeing if it helps? If it does, I would suggest a different antivirus product.
  2. I removed "Constant Guard", and left the Norton in place. It seemed to speed the web page loading a whole lot.
    THanks for your help.
  3. NP, glad I could help
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