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My computer won't boot. Just installed a new processor, started it up and nothing. No power lights on the front, but the CPU fan came on and I could open my dvd drive. I took a good look, and I noticed a couple bent pins on my socket (775). Took an hour making them nice and neat and they all look in line now. Hooked everything back up and same thing. Any advice? I already checked all the wires, took everything out and back in, switched the CMOS jumper and still nothing.
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  1. Have you tried the old processor?

    I think your pretty much screwed if the old CPU don't work. Board manufacturers won't honor RMA with pin damage either.
  2. i just tried to plug the old one in and I atleast got the front power light to come on, have to finish plugging stuff up to see if it will run. Guess that means I got a bad processor, or one that my motherboard doesnt support. Its the Intel Core2 Quad Q9400. Umm does anyone know where I can figure out my motherboard and if it SHOULD work with it?
  3. If you have your manual that came with the system it should tell you. Do you have an OEM - Dell , HP, gateway, etc?

    If your old processor is working, you can run CPUz to identify the board and chipset.
  4. Its custom build, can't remember the specifics of it, bought/built it over 2 years ago. Thanks, Ill try that. It would be unfortunate if it isn't compatible, its a very nice CPU.
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