How do you setup Bios?

This is the first time I'm going to build a computer, and I have a ? about bios and setup and stuff.
1: When you start the computer does POST automatically pop up?
2: Do you need to do anything with POST when first start?
3: When everything is connected right; the bios should detect everything right?(CD drive, HDD, proc, GPU)

Thank you so much. I'm getting a little excited I have been receiving all the parts for like 4 months, and I'm finally gunnu start cause I have all the parts now! Thanks again
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  1. anything?
  2. You don't always need to touch the BIOS. Try putting Vista in and booting from CDROM. If you have a problem, which most people do, then you usually have to go into the BIOS.

    POST usually requires you to hit a button when the motherboard logo first pops up. If it doesn't really show you anything, then it probably worked just fine. You should do that before you install any OS.

    Also, list your parts.
  3. 1. Yes. It doesn't so much "pop up" as just runs automagically.

    2. No. If POST passes, you will generally hear a short beep. Then the system boots. If you do not hear a single short beep, you have problems. Any other beep pattern means the BIOS detected problems. Even worse is silence. That generally means a bad PSU, motherboard, or CPU.

    3. Yes. The BIOS should detect everything.

    A word about the system speaker - the part that generates the beeps. Sometimes it is built into the motherboard. Usually, but not always, it is part of the case. As long as everything works, you do not need one. But it is the cheapest piece of test equipment when things do not work.

    Assembly suggestions - read the motherboard manual. Install the CPU and its HSF and the memory before you install the board into the case.
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