9800GT running slow, with abnormally low benchmarks

Just got a new XFX 9800GT 512mb, I noticed while playing World at War it was running with a lot of lag with default settings a heck of alot slower than my old 8800GTS 320mb which ran it virtually flawless... So I get 3Dmark06 to see how my card performs here are my results

From what I researched these results are much lower (about half as much) than other 9800GT cards.

How to I go about correcting this? I know this card isn't the best on the market but I expect it to run COD 5 and such games at least at par if not better than my old card.

My specs are as follows

Processor: AMD 5600X2
Motherboard: ECS GF8200A
Ram: Wintec Ampo 2gb
Videocard: XFX 9800GT 512mb
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  1. Usual checks apply at this point...Uninstall your drivers, download and install the latest from Nvidia. Check the power leads are fully connected and making good contact. Check the card temperatures with Rivatuner.
  2. Forgot to mention that I just reformatted and all the driver's are up to date from nvidia. And the card is properly connected

    After playing for 30 min Rivatuner showed the temp at 81 Celsius and it idles at 77
  3. Because my 8800GTS died (what happened to it and why I dont know and my warranty didnt go through) So I picked up this 9800GT for 100 bucks since the price was right. From what I read I thought the 8800GT outperformed the GTS except in very high quality situations in which the GTS did better... So when I got this card I assumed it would be as good as my old one, however even if technically its not as fast the performance difference is far greater than it should be.

    Either way I have this card now and am stuck with it. More importantly is that other 9800GT on average out perform my based on those benchmarks nearly 2:1 from what i saw. Im trying to figure out why that is and how to correct.
  4. yep there's definitely something wrong...
    Is GPU-Z showing anything weird about it? low clocks or something?
  5. Longshot, pcie1.0 vs pcie2.0?
  6. that shouldn't have any effect at all, the bandwidht provided by pcie1.0 should be quite enough...
  7. After checking with GPU-Z I did notice some oddities

    1. being my fan is set at 47% (not sure if that is normal)
    2. It says my card's memory is being clocked at 900 Mhz and according to the newegg (where i bought) it should be clocked at 1800Mhz

    (Also my motherboard is pcie 2.0)
  8. I'm not ignoring what you said, I understand that 9800GT is a water down version ect... and would except that as the reason for the drop in performance however the benchmark my card produced are greatly less than that of other 9800GT and I want to know why that is. And I appreciate all advice and response to my problem and just want to reach a solution
  9. I've found several different results from people whose systems have similar processors and thier results are still considerably higher than mine (It doesnt list the frequencies of their cards) Their results score nearly 1.5 times higher than my card even if they were all overclocked not sure if it would be that high. Assuming they are running at stock what would my next step be?
  10. make sure all the filters are off, get ntune.. check resolutions etc. make sure ansiotropic filtering isn't higher than it should be and antialiasing too.. try changing all the stuff to default.
  11. my 9600GT+e5200 gets around 9k non oc'd... 12k oc'd which is double yours. the 8800GT owns my 9600GT... somethings up.
  12. I checked the filters and they all appear to be default, application controlled.
  13. With one Inno3d 8800GT stock O/c'ed at 650/1900 with a 3Ghz Core2 I used to get 11000, but then with the same card with the old E6320 at stock 1.86Ghz I used to get around 8500, so 3Dmark scales significantly with CPU speed. However a 5600 X2 should easily beat a stock E6320 so I reckon your score should be about 9-9.5k. Think there's got to be something wrong there. If you've definitely sorted the drivers try a motherboard BIOS update perhaps? - 8800/9800GT is a newer chip than your old GTS, might be worth checking up. I assume you are testing at the smae default res - 1280x1024?
  14. Updated my motherboard BIOS and that seemed to do the trick! Thanks for the help.

    Here is the difference between before the update and after. The difference is quite significant.



    Thanks everyone for the help!
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