Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer and P5W DH

I have E6600, Asus P5W DH Deluxe and Thermaltake Tsunami case. I want to buy Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer but first i need to learn if it will fit my system. I'm concerned about my patriot memory kit which has a tall heatsink(see picture below). Btw, all 4 slots are in use. Any help?

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  1. On my board the memory slots are close. With the fan mounted up a couple of fins, my standard G.Skill would fit. I have my 2 stick in the far slots and the fan mounted a couple fins lower,closer to the base. It all depends on the layout of your board. If you have a side intake fan on your case that could be a problem clearance wise too. Just get out the tape old measure....
    The sunbeam measures : 153x125x104 the fan is 25mm thick and is 36mm from the bottom fin to the base. From the center of the cooler to the outside edge of the fan it measures 60mm on mine.

    I bought the CCF because of the 153 mm height, it just clears my side panel. It's a good cooler and I do recommend it.

    Hope some of that is helpful.

    Edit: The 60 mm from center to outside edge is without the four rubber vibration dampeners on the fan. Mounted directly to the cooler.
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