Intel E7500 on 3.3ghz

im running it on 3.3ghz i use the mobo asus p5kpl am se. can i push this to 4.0ghz? i tried 3.5ghz but it crashes. do i need a good cooler?
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  1. we would love to help you, but we will need more info..such as what bus speed are you trying to push?what is your vcore set at (auto)?also what did the temps look like at 3.3.I have an asus p5q pro turbo,4gb ddr2-800 and an c2d e7500.on my rig i get stable operation at 4ghz (10*400) using a vcore of 1.368, make sure your fsb/mem ratio is not set to auto,if it is the mem speed could be holding you up.make sure its at stock 800,1066 so you can find a max core speed with out overclocking your mem.
    please give more info :wahoo:
  2. ooops.....i ment to type 1.386 on my vcore
  3. im new to overclocking. oh F*ck. core0=80 core1=77
    is this hot?????
    266.7 x 11

    fsb 1067

    1.307 v
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    ok first,Yes the temps you have are hot .but are they load temps?if so what program(s) are you using?also what cooler are you using?you can get some very good air coolers for very little $.Anyhow the temps are probably not why you cant get to and past 3.5ghz.In your BIOS you have a menu called A.I. tweaker .make sure a.i. overclock tuner is set to manual,next set cpu ratio to 10.5,next set fsb frequency to 333mhz,next set dram frequency to 800,last set cpu voltage to 1.35v this should get you easy 3.5 ghz . This will not damage any thing.however i wouldnt go past 1.4 vcore. also if you are new to overclocking the HOW TO OVERCLOCK C2D AND C2Q post in the intel overclocking forum...anyways best of luck (you shouldn't need to much luck, e7500 is great ocing chip) thank for your post and keep us informed :hello:
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  6. i got it. thanks for that!! my temps got lower though. (i left my pc running online downloading) that what made it hot.

    update: core1 and 2 got 55 on load
    1.208 core voltage
    rated fsb 1332.1
    bus speed:333

    got 3496 speed. so 3.5ghz.

    can i push this to 4ghz?
  7. Maybe you can.

    Try lowering the RAM speed as well. Your RAM might not be able to take the stress so lower it's speed settings and timings if possible.
  8. my ram is at 667 i think.. cannot go to 800.pc will not boot
  9. is your mem pc2-5300=667, pc2-6400=800, pc2-8500=1066 ?and yes you shold be able to hit 4ghz,but you will need more vcore as you pass 3.6ghz,also every chip is not the same,some may only give little headroom past 3.5ghz.your best chance is to keep mem speed in check and keep adding a LITTLE vcore as you mobo's bios settings (other than the ones we talked about )are on auto and i get 400mhz bus(1600)rated every time.......if your oc'ing from windows be carefull raising the fsb with programs like this will not adjust the ram divider ..use these as fine tuning
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