Asus P6T Deluxe V 2 won't boot

I am building a system with a P6T v 2 motherboard and it will not get to post. I have tried a standard PCI video card and another power supply. I am using OCZ DDR 3 PC3 10666 wihch looks to be on the list. I have all the connections and when I power on I get no video and not a single beep.

Everything looks like it is seated right, what am I missing? Could I have a bad mobo?

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  1. Your mobo has onboard video right? Can you try using that?
  2. No, only on board sound. I have a 2.66. Ghz CPU.
  3. I spoke with Asus support and they said it was either the board or CPU, since there no beeps I was thinking board and RMA's it.
  4. So have you received the/a replacement? Have you tried it out?
  5. no replacement yet, hopefully later this week.
  6. which I7 processor do you have?
    As i have the I7 920 D0 and i can't get it to post either
  7. I have the i7 920 may be the D0 I am not sure, does yours beep at all? I replaced the motherboard and it works perfectly, you may have a bad board.
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