SATA to SATA 6 0Gb cords

I need a set of cords to go from a ESATA/sata6Gb card to a SATA hard drive. Signal and power cords.
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  1. Doing a fast Google search for esata to sata III cable brought up nothing. I don't believe the two are inner-changable like USB II and USB III.
  2. You do NOT need special cables! All three SATA versions use the same cable types - and your concern really is in the data cable (7 wires). The caution is the simple old one that cheap stuff may not work well. Good-quality SATA cables will work for all versions. There may be some cheap older ones around that always were marginally OK for original SATA operations and just won't live up to the tighter tolerances required for SATA 6.0 Gb/s. But that's a quality issue, NOT a design difference.
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