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It has already been two months since my build was complete. I have an 80GB Intel X-25M SSD and a WD Caviar Green 1TB but the OS is on the WD instead of the Intel. I am slightly worried of wearing my SSD out as I plan to keep this system until the new LGA-2011 SandyBridges come out. I do overclock and Install/Uninstall lots of programs when I don't need them, I also download a huge amount of files too(20GB-40GB) and then delete them when they are not used.

Would those actions stated above wear my SSD out within 2 years? I am just worried that it will stop working without notice, would Downloading/Deleting files wear out the SSD faster too?

Thank you.
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  1. As the old saying Use it or loose it.

    Go for it. Set your downloads to go to the HDD, You can also set your swap file to the HDD. As for programs, if you know its a short term program, set it to install on the HDD.
  2. ^+1: AGREE!

    Use the SSD for OS and Programs. Once you install the OS, not alot of writes will happen. Yeah, some, be not "alot."

    Use the HDD for "My Documents, Music, Downloads, Pictures, Videos", swapfile (if you want), and backups.

    You'll be quite surprised! And won't be disappionted!

    Else, sell it to me! I give $100.00! :sarcastic:

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  3. Okay so...maybe its not true but I heard if you write 100GB a day to the x25-m it lasts 5 years.
    But anyway, lets assume the worst, your MLC drive has 1,000 write cycles per cell, which it should have a lot more. So 1,000x80(size of drive)...would be 80,000 or 80 Terabytes. So you can write 80 terabytes to this drive. So basically...the huge 20-40GB files you write to can write 2000 40GB files onto this drive. further convince you, open up the Intel SSD Toolbox and open up the Smart attributes/information. Look at the media level wearout indicator. I have written 900GB to my SSD...and it is still at 99...i think it starts at 99 anyway and goes down to 1 or 0. So assuming 1 unit on the wearout indicator is 900GB...then to reach 0 or 1, i'd have write about 87TB of data.
    Secondly, Intel says and stands behind with all their strength that the drive will last an absolute minimum of 3 Years no matter what.
    In addition, even if you do wear it out in 2 2 years you can probably get this drive for 30bucks, by that time drives will be much cheaper, much faster, and much better.
    I really don't know what method accuratly shows it's life span...but all of them show that this drive will last a very very very long time...longer then any hard drive.
  4. blackhawk1928 said:
    Okay so...maybe its not true but I heard if you write 100GB a day to the x25-m it lasts 5 years.
    That's for the Intel SLC drive, the MLC ones in current production are rated at 20GB/day for "at least" 5 years. In actual use under Windows 7 (typically 8-12 hours per day) my actual usage is running at around 5GB/day.
  5. So how many GB's or TB's can you write to it before it "technically" reaches its limit?
    Also how many write cycles per cell does the X25-M specifically have?
    And 5GB/s per day...I don't think I even make it to 1GB per day...all i do is email/web browse pretty much...which is saved onto my HDD and use photo/video edit which is install on the SSD but saved to an HDD :)
  6. Well "technically" at 20GB/day for 5 years is 20 x 5 x 365 = 35,500GB (about 35TB).
  7. ^That is a lot...I used 800GB in 7 months. So I am pretty far away from its limit. However different methods of calculating give different answers, if you use the media wearout gives a much answer...acording to it, I should be getting 80TB+. But anyway I think its safe to say I can easily put my browser cache onto it...what do you think?
  8. I consciously left my account profile on the SSD specifically so that the temporary folders and configuration files used by browsers, etc. would be on the SSD (although I store all my regular documents on a hard drive). That may account for a lot of the difference between my 5GB/day and your 1GB/day.
  9. I used to be worried about writing to much to my SSD and everything, but then I thought about it for while and I came to the conclusion...its going to last longer then an HDD anyway, i payed a lot for it, and after a few years it going to be outdated and i won't use it anyway so why the hell constantly worry in the back of your mind about writing to much it...just use it up as much as you can, because thats what you bought it for so i am going to stop worrying and pretend its a hard drive...a drop in replacement and use it that way and it will still outlast my uses for it which will be a probably another 3 years or so. :) Don't you agree sminlal?

    PS: I doubt I even get to close to 1GB/day...most likely half of that :)
  10. If you put your OS on this drive you'll save 5 hours of waiting for your system to boot. 10s/boot, 365 days, 5 years. If you don't move forward with technology, prepare to be left behind.
    Oh, and everything else is snappy. Be carefull 80GB isn't a whole lot of space these days.
  11. blackhawk1928 said:
    ...after a few years it going to be outdated and i won't use it anyway so why the hell constantly worry in the back of your mind about writing to much it...
    This is a good attitude, IMHO - although I do expect to get at least 5 years of life out of my SSD and perhaps as much as 10 if I can find some place to use it after it no longer meets my needs as the OS drive for my main desktop system.
  12. Yeah, I might find use for it after, but I am not going to worry about it anymore, I am just going to use this drive to its fullest potential and not worry about anything. I am just going to imagine that I don't know about this wear and tear and think its a HDD replacement.
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