Has anyone found X58 Windows 7 drivers?

I'm hunting for drivers, as it stands the only thing I can get working on my windows 7 install is my sound card...I'm confident the next Catalyst release will cover me, but the Chipset drivers are still a vagary. Has anyone found or know of any attempts to release X58 chipset drivers for Windows 7.
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  1. I unfortunately haven't heard of any. Have you tried using Vista drivers? How is your Windows 7 experience affected by the apparent lack of drivers btw?
  2. The chipset drivers aren't a deal breaker in day to day operations but I still want them. The vga drivers sort of are, since the desktop doesn't behave the way it should, and I can't run any graphically intensive applications. Though I know that the next catalyst release should take care of it. Right now the only drivers I have are the ethernet driver and my sound card driver (Vista Driver worked).
  3. You may have tried this (and I might be misunderstanding you), but I assume you've downloaded the latest drivers from ATI?

    Windows 7 Drivers
  4. Mine is working perfectly with nothing but video drivers. That's including the X-fi sound card
  5. I got the may 5 CCC and used the vista drivers for the remainder of the items. it's working well now. than thanks folks
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