Gtx 480 combo hdd

is that hard drive good? i found it with a combo for my gtx 480

it would save me on my previously 75 dollar caviar black 320 gig
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  1. I really don't like the reviews on that drive. I would not buy it if I were you. But $75 for a 320 gig?! Here is a 640 gig black for the same price:

    or if you want the price reduction, here are a pair of 500 gigs for $55
  2. woops i meant 640 gig lol
  3. I like both units in that combo. I don't think that you will use all 950 watts, (unless you are planning on sli) but it looks like it still is pretty efficient in the range I think you'll be using it in.
  4. would a 1000 watt antec tpq work for sli (when and if i do?)
  5. Try putting the build through the newegg power supply calculator It all depends on the cards you are using, and you have to remember to look for enough 12 V current. What is enough? I'd have to look, but to start out look for a supply which spreads the gfx connectors out across multiple virtual rails, or doesn't split the main 12V rail.
  6. Looked at it. Yes, I think so. But the other one might also.
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