Dual 9800gt vs gtx 285

which is better...right now i have dual 9800gt and i was wondering if getting a single gtx 285 would be such i difference i play the latest games out there like gta 4, call of duty, and crysis..etc... also my monitor is 1900x1200
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  1. Try looking at your previous thread!
  2. wait until the gtx 300 series comes out imo. dual 9800gts will be great for another year at least.
  3. No it wouldn't be much of a difference, unless you play lost planet which doesn't like multi card setups. The 285 is only slightly faster than the 280. Don't get a 285 unless you plan to get two and SLI them. Just save your money and wait for a DX11 card.
  4. well two 8800GT's were slightly faster than a GTX 280... i would say on par with a 285.

    btw 9800GT = exact same (some random ones are die shrunk) as the 8800GT
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